15gb Storage Space

Unlimited Bandeith

1 Email

5 Subdomains

1 MySQL Data Base

Price 2.00/mo


2 Website

Unlimited Bandwith

2 Email Accounts

10 Sub Domains

2 MySQL Data Base

Price 4.00/mo


Unlimited Websites

Unlimited bandwith

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited MySQL Data Base

Price 5.00/mo


We will Install All plugins needed to run your Website and Design it for you.

Price 1 Time Fee 75.00

WordPress Hosting

You receive your Info For your WordPress In your email i will send you the ns.1 ns.2 ns.3 ns.4 so u can connect your domain or use a free subdomain for your Service Subdomain will be

Price 5.00/mp 1.00 Setup Fee